Celebrating America’s Independence Day

It goes unsaid that the 4th of July is one of the most important national holidays in the USA.  It is our country’s birthday of course.  The day we declared our independence from the Great Britain.

Of course in typical American style we celebrate it with backyard BBQ, town festivals and FIREWORKS.

This is a great opportunity to share with your au pair just how our country was founded.  How our Founding Father wrote down their grievances and sent them off to the King.  What courage that act alone took.  Maybe they will want to relate to you the struggles for freedoms in their own countries.

If you live near or are traveling close to any of the former colonies, the history you can share with your au pair is endless. Here in the Chicago area, however  we don’t have that living history right at our fingertips.  That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with style.

Most of the Northshore communities have their own firework displays and town festivals.  A great place to find those is at Patch.com.


I would love to know…How does you family celebrate the Fourth


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